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Under Development.Some or all of the features on this page are not implemented in the most-recent release of Revival.




As I’m sure you saw, our store will feature boats in the near future. The seas of Revival are extremely important and we’ve developed in depth features for navigating them. Just like everything in Revival, there is a smooth “easy access” at the top but an extremely deep system underneath. Traveling in the waters of Theleston will introduce you to different depths of water (and limitations of certain boats), houseboats, combat boats, merchant boats, magic boats and transportation boats. We will be putting heavy focus on how you actually control these boats. Some are controlled by one person, others need entire crews to operate. --Kedhrin



If it rows, sails or floats, Swift & Fathom is there to help you purchase it. Swift & Fathom, Theleston’s premier shipwrights and boat brokers.