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Braugg is one of the Gods in Revival.

Patron Deity of Recorded Knowledge

Libraries and schools are his thing. However, his monks are also preservers of their histories, and feel like shepherds of history. They're all a little wary that their records will be stolen, turned to evil use, or even worse, destroyed. So, they tend to be choosy about who gets to study their records. No one blames the monks for the abbey fire in 275NR, some connect the fire to a popular urban legend about a so-called "Black Abbot," but there is no evidence to support the existence of such a fellow, nor the suggestion that he inspired an arsonist to target the monks' quarters, yet among some citizens the rumor persists.

God of Medicine

Braugg is also a god of medicine, so a patron of chirurgeons and one who favors those who save lives over those who take them.2

Braugg wouldn't like a murdery sort because his monks are often also natural healers, users of medicines (not magical healing though,) and thus would, on average, tend to feel as your average doctor might about people going about causing injury to others without just reason