Crown's Rock

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A temperate island city which is the site of religious pilgrimages. Founded by Brauggine Monks from Skypass initially, after the discovery of the Alder Crown, a relic important to the worshippers of Nodens, Crown’s Rock has become a multi-cultural melting pot of sorts. Besides Bragguine and Nodense worship, Hoen pilgrims and Bastet worshippers have had a presence on the island. The island also has deposits of iron which has created a valuable smithing location for inhabitants of the island.

The original Abbey of Braugg burned down years ago in a mysterious fire which took much of Crown’s Rock with it. Since then, the monks have relocated to a new abbey outside the city walls.

Crown’s Rock is a smaller city but it is relatively secure due to its location. There isn’t much room on the island for a land invasion limiting any mass attacks to mostly naval bombardment. Crown’s Rock is allied with Havensport and Tide's End.

Crown's Rock is the first city completed by the Revival development team and the first to have Player Housing fully available. The city itself is fully mapped out, with various districts having unique history and story.

Crown's Rock Neighborhoods