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Under Development.Some or all of the features on this page are not implemented in the most-recent release of Revival.

Divination is the skill dealing with seeing and reading the influence of the supernatural upon the world.


Aura Reading

Aura Reading is an ability sometimes referred to as karma reading. Aura reading can be toggled on or off and must have a target when activated. Upon activation, the user expends mana and gains madness, after which the user is able to visualize the karma of the living being they have targeted. The karma is represented by a series of multi-color wreathes of flames surrounding the target. Different flame colors correspond to different gods, with the intensity of the flame corresponding to the strength of the karma. A character will only see flames that correspond to gods they are aware of; any gods a character is unaware of may still have an opinion on the target of the aura reading, but the flame will be invisible.

Improvement in this ability provides the player with a greater volume of and more-accurate information, but the player must interpret the information they are given regardless of character proficiency. As a character gains proficiency, they can also gain the ability to read the karma of strongly-imprinted objects as well as living creatures. As a character's proficiency grows, they can eventually gain the ability to visualize the aether and gain sight into various planes.

Card Reading

Card Reading is an ability that can be used to determine information on tags about characters and the world around them. When card reading, the player draws tarot cards from a deck one at a time and places them in a certain layout before them. Each card in a deck may only be drawn once. Each card in a tarot deck can represent a certain set of tags, and the slot the card is placed in may rule out or include tags from that set. An example of this is the "past" slot, which rules out recent tags. Every time a card is drawn, a tag is selected from the set of candidate tags and the character's divination skill is used to determine the accuracy of the card, which weights the chance of certain cards being drawn. However, there is always a chance that the card drawn is completely random.

In certain Theleston cultures, Khollajan runes or thrown bones are used instead of cards.



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