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The southern island continent and the largest of the two. Home to Falcreek, Freeport, Rivershead, Skypass, Tide's End, and Valir.

Certainly there are the ruins (in varying state) of past civilizations on Greyshore, climate is (in general) warmer in the northeast, north of Valir and in the surrounding plains. Temperate though, not desert hot. Same sort of latitude, across the sound to the west it's much colder, but that's because of elevation (it's mountainous there, rather than plains) gets bright in summer, but not really warm, winter is REALLY cold at the highest elevations. South of the mountains, as they peter out and join the eastern coast of the western bit of greyshore, the region is more forested, becoming less so south of that until rising again up the single volcanic mountain that Falcreek is built on (More of a Shasta, or a Rainier style lonely peak,) also forested. West of that the land flattens out toward the western coast, forests, to low coastal hills, to coastal plain. East of Falcreek there are more plains, hills, swampy regions, etc. deciduous trees and the like bleeding into the more grassland plains in the east (that I've already more or less described). -Ombwah, Lead Designer.