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Under Development.Some or all of the features on this page are not implemented in the most-recent release of Revival.


Currently planned types of guilds:

  • Association: your standard "group of friends united by common banner" sort of thing.
  • Craft Guild (further specialized by trade, if desired): A group dedicated to production of goods or provision of services others may purchase.
  • Trade Guild: A guild dedicated to "trade," to the acquisition, transport and sale of goods to and from exotic locations. (e.g. caravaners, freight captains, etc.)
  • Merchant Guild: A group dedicated to commerce more generally
  • Company (further specified by trade): A merchant guild organized under single name for the purpose of conducting business focused on a specific pursuit.
  • Naval Order: A mercenary guild or honor guard dedicated to combat on the sea
  • Soldiers Guild: A mercenary guild, or honor guard dedicated to combat on land.
  • Martial Order: A mercenary guild or honor guard dedicated to combat of all types
  • Ship's Crew: A chartered association of crew members on the same ship, dedicated to the interests of the ship as a whole.
  • Scholarly Society (further specialised by topic, if desired): A group of teachers, researchers and investigators dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge
  • Arcane Order (further specialised by type of arcana, if desired): A group to exploring the arcane arts and mysteries. Magic seekers
  • Religious Order (further specialized by god, or type of god, if desired): A group dedicated to the will of a deity or deities. A cult, a brotherhood of monks, etc.

Edit 1: Gambling Guilds have also been mentioned. For more info, read the Arena blog post found here!

Edit 2: Secret Societies are also something planned for the game. For more information on both Secret Societies and Guilds, read this blog post here!

That list might expand, and honestly I think it probably will, but it's as much a content question as a tech question though, so I can't really say definitively that that's true at this point. For those that are curious, one of the reasons we're doing things this way is so that NPC guilds, cults, etc. can use the exact same system. Since we get a "twofer" out of it, we can afford to go a little deeper with the system than you normally might. -Snipehunter