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From the Developer.Quoted in entirety from the Revival website, with minor typographical edits.

IllFonic, LLC is a video game studio based in Denver, Colorado that specializes in Next-Gen game development. Started in 2007, IllFonic grew from a small team working in a garage into a fully staffed triple A studio. In 2012, IllFonic released Nexuiz on PC and Xbox 360. Since then, IllFonic has worked on various projects across multiple platforms, some unannounced, some released and some [Redacted].

Throughout the years, IllFonic has continued to push the envelope with each project the studio takes on. However, we’ve often felt that something was missing from the realm of computer gaming.

This something has grown to become the idea behind Revival. An online role-playing experience like nothing ever done before. Revival is an unprecedented game that can only be done by an unconventional team like the one at Illfonic. It reflects our style, speaks our language and is true to our IllFonic methodology.

More information about IllFonic can be found at Questions for our dev team are best posted on the forums For business development, marketing, and other communications, please email us at


President - Charles Brungardt

In order to make a game like Revival we need people with different perspectives. We believe diversity in our creators is important, as long as those creators understand the vision. Our combined knowledge and backgrounds across various games contribute to an amazing mixing pot of knowledge.

Creative Director - Kedhrin Gonzalez

Widely diverse, foul mouthed and lacking serious manners, Kedhrin has designed games across many genres and different game styles. Starting with levels with Quake, Kedhrin sprouted from the internets MOD community as a young teenager and grew into a powerhouse of game development direction and vision. With an obsession of traditional sandbox MMOs like Ultima Online, Kedhrin brings the edge of the gritty, dark, and intense world that Revival thrives in.

Lead Designer - Adam Maxwell aka Snipehunter

With a career that spans nearly twenty years, Adam has been a part of teams to ship games on everything from the original PlayStation to modern consoles. As a developer and designer on three previous MMOs, including the fantasy MMO Rift where he was lead designer, Adam has gained a unique perspective on what works and what does not in the realm of online play. But, his experiences on other games, including small games for phones and full scale games for the glorious shrine to gaming that is the PC, have also instilled in Adam a passion for immersive worlds, compelling stories and killer systems. Adam’s focus on Revival is making the best damned sandbox players have ever seen, providing them the greatest stage for adventure an MMO can give them.

Lead Designer - Christopher Holtorf aka Ombwah

Chris is a consummate storyteller and gamemaker with a career stretching all the way back to 2001, and a passion for games that begins in the halcyon days of Wizardry, Imagic and Vectrex. Chris sharpened his game-mastering skills running role-playing tourneys at conventions, and moved into testing video games in late high-school. In 2001, Chris got a job building content on an Xbox launch title, and he hasn’t looked back. Since then, Chris has written hundreds of stories for games spanning multiple generations of console, handheld, even mobile! Penning world histories, character biographies, race origins, and epic quests, Chris has been content lead on three shipped MMO titles, and was one half of the writing team for a published novel based on the lore of a world-famous MOBA. Chris’s job on Revival is to build a massive immersive world, dense with history and rich in intrigue. But it doesn’t end there, Chris’s obsession is with immersion, and it is his passion to assemble the most amazing storytelling team ever created, and to deliver the best fantasy content ever seen.

Funding Options

IllFonic stands at an interesting crossroads with Revival. We have devised a schedule that is lain out to give us plenty of time to make Revival the game we want to make, without compromise. However, due to limited funding it will take us much longer to get to where we want to be. As we have chosen to do this ourselves, funding Revival will not be an easy task, but our vision is absolutely something that can be achieved with time and patience.

When you purchase items and objects early, you help us get Revival made faster. Your participation allows us to put more funding towards a bigger team, technology shortcuts, outsourced assets and more. We will take the long hard road to make this badass game happen, but all of the help we get from the gaming community will only get us there faster. We are not doing a kickstarter or initial fund-raising program for Revival because we want to keep true to our vision, and take the slow and steady road to completion whether or not we garner additional funding.