Khan Gorai

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Khan Gorai was once the largest campsite of the Goravi nomad tribes. They would gather here while following the movements of the planets and stars in the sky and eventually disperse. Settlers from afar thought this was a city site and when they sent settlers here, and found it abandoned by the Goravi, they mistook it as a sign the Goravi were wiped out and began to settle the are themselves. The Goravi are a little disgruntled by this, but some have given up their nomadic ways to live in the city the foreigners have erected here.

The people of Khan Gorai are a mix of well-meaning frontiersmen who are mostly ignorant of the native Goravi culture and the local Goravi themselves. The Goravi are influenced by Hindu, Lakota, and Mongol cultures and appear in a sun-darkened eurasian cast.

There is no centralized law enforcement in Khan Gorai, meaning the guards you find here are privatized, pretty much mercenaries hired by the wealthy to protect what areas of the city interest them. Khan Gorai is also known to raid its southern neighbors across the Blackwell Sound from time to time.