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Live Storytellers?


In the world of Online Role Playing, there is little that yet compares to the directed experience offered by a living storyteller in a changeable world. Revival has imagined a new experience in role-play that takes the very best elements of directed play with the freedom and immersion of a sandbox world. Our live team curates the content of the world as well as directly driving the actions of forces great and small to guarantee a new and exciting experience each and every time a player logs in.

  • Content reacts directly to player actions
  • The powers of the Theleston are driven by real people
  • Evolving Game World with new enemies rising where old foes have fallen
  • No ‘best-line’ exists, the world is always changing
  • Players and Storytellers collaborate to create history

A mind behind the action

In the world of Role Playing, nothing compares to a live Game Master’s ability to react quickly to player activity, or to steer the events of the world onto a path that the players most want to experience. Furthermore, there has not yet been an NPC AI yet that can react to player exploitation, nor a patterned boss that can’t be predicted.

Sure, many MMOs have had live representatives on their servers, watching, helping out newbs, and banning bad guys, once in a while they may even be handing out unique items, or twigging players onto “special” quest lines, but never are they actually playing along as would a live Game Master. Rarely does a living Storyteller call players to action, or lead a march against a castle. But we’re changing that.

In Revival, our live agents will mingle with the server population, taking the part of villains, heroes, monsters, even the gods. Storytellers are not mere custodians of a lifeless mechanical world, rather they are the architects of fantasy. More than the ‘man behind the curtain’ -- our Storytellers walk amongst the players, on the streets of our cities and in the depths of Theleston’s wilderness. They are behind the tradesmen, the bandits, even the beasts of the world In short, our Live Storytelling team allows Revival to offer unprecedented Content direction in the online multiplayer role-playing sphere.

Hands on, all the time

But we won’t just be directing. Storytellers do more than simply kick-off content packages and peruse game metrics. Our tools allow us to reach into the world and act as directly as any player. From the lowliest wandering beast, to the greatest monster of the deep, and everywhere in-between.

Far more than a simple cadre of guides, Storytellers can take possession of any creature in the world. They may deliver prophecy, raise armies, or guide adventurers to new lands. They may appear as man or beast, beggar or god. The Storytellers are hands-on content creators that can (and will) interact with the playerbase at any time, creating dynamic stories and opening the door to endless possibility.

Our Storytellers will have their hands on the reins of warlords and kings, dark gods and cults, but even the simplest mob may be driven by a Storyteller if the mood strikes, or if it serves the storyline. We may even drop in just to mix things up. Anything that can be imagined is in the realm of possibility, and that is the true power of Live Storytellers.

A world with a past, present, and future

Another thing that our most well-known large scale online games do not do well is player history. Day by day the same characters make the same speeches, and the same foes stalk well-worn pathways into the landscape. Players may pack up and raze the server of enemy mobs, but they’ll just repopulate and life goes on unchanged.

However, content for Revival is being created under a fundamentally different paradigm than that of the typical MMO. This change in process and ideal allows our Live team to dynamically alter populations, choreograph world events, and directly alter the content of the world, on the fly to create real results in response to player actions.

No longer will players queue up to fight the same enemy time and again. When a leader of Theleston falls, they truly fall, and our Storytellers will discern the future of their armies and their holdings. The actions of players drive our Storytelling Team, and our Storytellers work amongst the playerbase to develop the many stories that define the histories of our world.

Every day will bring new developments to the world of Theleston, and players will not want to miss even a day of the action. Simply put, while a player is not online, they’re not there when it all happens, and with our constantly evolving storylines, they might just miss something! Fulfilling the promise (What’s the point?)

In the current Online Role-playing market, there is precious little role-play, and players invest primarily in statistic builds and loot galleries rather than in the events of their virtual world. A typical play-session equates to running the ‘best line’ through the level and logging out levelled up. They log-out assured that when they return, everything will be just as they left it. This is antithetical to the idea of a virtual world. When you close the door to Theleston, it will keep living without you, we will make sure of that.

Also common in traditional MMOs are content tracks that either produce too little reward for players in the form of coin, XP, or loot, and are thus skipped in the players’ mad dash to the next level-segregated zone. Between our unique content management strategies, and our live storytelling team, this need never happen again. Playing in our world will be unpredictable and exciting, with new adventures every single day.