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Under Development.Some or all of the features on this page are not implemented in the most-recent release of Revival.

A minigame will be a type of sub-game within Revival. Each crafting profession is planned to have an associated minigame.

Minigames will usually be semi-instanced from the main game; a player involved in a minigame will see the environment and User Interface relevant to the minigame, while an observer will merely see the minigame participant interacting with the relevant object(s). During a minigame, the controls will be altered to fit the minigame's elements, and the player will be given instructions that must be performed to successfully pass the minigame.

Minigames will take into account both a player's aptitude and their character's skill at a task. A player whose character has a high level of expertise in the necessary skills will find the minigame to be naturally easier than a character with low skills.

"If there was no minimum on the puzzle, anyone could attempt that puzzle. Success would then reward that character with some skill points in that skill, based on how much more difficult it was compared to your skill. So, the intent is that skill gain is organic; that it reflects how you play your character. But it's also only success-based and points are only gained when you do something challenging to you and succeed." ---Snipehunter @RevivalCast #16 42:40

List of Minigames

This page lists all known and confirmed minigames planned to be in the game, but is not yet exhaustive.