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The Origin Matrix is the special Character creation tool unique to Revival. Modeled like a choose your own adventure, the matrix prompts players with a series of questions. The answers to each question prompt more complicated or detailed ones which, upon completion of the Origin Matrix, generate the System Tags that will define much of the characters interaction with the world, including the Virtual Dungeon Master and Story Tellers.

From the Developer.Quoted in entirety from the Revival website, with minor typographical edits.

Been thinking a bit (heh, that's outrageous understatement) on the lives of characters before players step into them. For those who haven't seen us talk about yet, let me explain: our character creation process is a bit different from most online games. It's most akin to Guild Wars 2, if a comparison must be made to another video game, but it's spiritually much more in tune with table top roleplaying games, and Traveller in particular.

This is because, when you are done with character creation, you will emerge with a backstory that will have had an impact on both your character's appearance and what your character knows about the world. We call this system the Origin Matrix and it works a little like a choose your adventure story, but one that you and the game sort of write together as a result of your choices.

So for example, it might start relatively simply, with a prompt like: "I was born..."

that then offers several choices: "...on a farm near..."

"...in a tenement in..."

"...somewhere in..."

"...gods know where..."

But, as you make choices, they begin to influence what happens next, and thus become much more complicated. At some point you may end up with a prompt like this: "...In the 15th year of my life, I found myself released from my apprenticeship, a journeyman smith at last and I..."

For me, that's where it gets interesting. One of the choices to a prompt like that might be, "...and so I joined up with the King's Guard in Tide's End, as a journeyman armorer..." and that choice might have more than one outcome. Which one occurs, then, would be a consequence both of the choices you had made before (in the terms of what tags you had already gained) and some amount of fate/chance/luck. That example choice might have outcomes that see you serve a multi-year tour uneventfully, or you might bear witness to a lost battle, or even find yourself taking part, earning laurels but potentially scars as well.

After your character reaches a certain age, you will be able to exit the origin matrix and move on to setting the looks for your character, somewhat constrained by the consequences of your choices in the origin matrix. For example, having declared yourself of a particular nationality in an earlier choice, your skin tone and body types might be filtered to ensure you look the part, or if if you gained scars in your trip through the matrix, they would already be placed on your body, a part of your character from then on. However, you could elect to stay in the matrix for a few more choices, as well, but generally speaking the more choices you make in the matrix, the riskier the results become and regardless, the older your character will be when you finish character creation. (you will be able to adjust age slightly regardless, but this will be within a relatively tightly constrained range, limited by your choices in the origin matrix) - Snipehunter, Lead Designer, Revival [1]